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About ADA TV

ADA TV is a high-tech entertainment and marketing system for waiting rooms and consultations that empowers a dental practice to customize and stream content that will educate, entertain and promote your services to patients on the TV located in your reception area and beyond.

Download the smart TV app or connect the streaming stick to the HDMI port of any flat screen TV, connect to your WIFI network and start streaming. Go beyond the waiting room, using the on-demand Consult Mode player and show 3D animations and procedural tutorials on tablets right at the chairside to facilitate treatment planning and increase case acceptance.

Your ADA TV system comes pre-configured and new content is automatically added each month.

  • Educate patients by streaming popular ADA Toothflix 2.0 patient education videos (English and Spanish) and other tutorials
  • Promote your practice with procedural highlights and information about elective procedures
  • Entertain with localized news, weather, sports and entertainment clips from YouTube
  • Customize the system with your own videos and promotions
  • Includes real time news-feed tickers

Member Value:

ADA Members save over $900 in setup and subscription fees.

Valued Voices

We transform our 12,500-square-foot oral surgery facility into our own variety show thanks to this plug-and-play system from PBHS. We can present patients and others in the waiting areas with curated content by way of our wireless Internet and a simple computer stick plugged into the TV’s HDMI ports.

Dr. Kirby Bunel, Texarkana, TX