Maximizing your Credit Card Rewards

ADA US Bank Signature Visa Credit Card

Earn points faster to redeem for travel, gift cards and more

Credit card bonus points can maximize fun outside the dental practice

Looking for some extra cash to finance a fun vacation or gift cards to reward your dental team for going above and beyond? Stop searching the couch cushions and take a look in your wallet. The answer could be in the kind of credit cards you’re using for personal and business expenses. ADA Member Advantage endorses 2 types of credit cards that were created with dental professionals in mind, one for business and one for personal expenses. In 2022, over 13,500 ADA Members who are ADA Preferred Rewards Visa Signature cardholders and ADA Business Rewards Visa Signature cardholders redeemed over 622 million combined bonus rewards points on airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, gift cards and cash back in the form of a statement credit.

Get the most value when redeeming your rewards points

Every one of the thousands of different credit cards available has a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses. Credit cards affiliated with a specific store, airline or hotel chain will often give the best redemption value when bonus points are used within that brand family. The reward earning and point redemption structure for the two ADA Visa cards are both engineered for ADA member dentists, but each have their individual strengths and benefits.

For dentists who are ADA Preferred Rewards Visa Signature credit cardholders, the redemption value is weighted in favor of airfare on over 450 airlines with no blackout dates. The card offers redemption levels that enable members to receive tickets up to a value of $450 in exchange for 25,000 reward points, making the value of each dollar spent 1.8 times better than a straight $1 to one point redemption.

Dr. Melanie Armfield uses the credit card to pay office expenses and uses the points to travel. “We go to visit our exchange students all over Germany so we’ve been able to take the family there and often one or two of the tickets will be paid for with our ADA credit card [points.]”

If you’re looking for a business card with the ability to extend dental team members Visa cards with set spending limits and includes a variety of reporting features, you could consider the ADA Preferred Rewards Business Card. It awards 2x bonus points at dental supply providers like Schein, Patterson, Benco, TDSC and more.

ADA Member Dr. Laura Rammer reports that she expected to redeem the equivalent of $2,000 in gift cards by the end of the year. “I think it’s a fantastic benefit. With 2x points on all dental purchases, I’ve seen my rewards add up so quickly; faster than with my old card. It was really easy to set up a second card within the account for my office manager and set that particular spending limit.”

Extra points for ADA and State Dental Society purchases

Big benefits come when ADA Members use their credit cards to pay their yearly membership dues or make purchases from the ADA or their state, including publications like the CDT code book, meeting registrations, CE courses, and more. In 2022, ADA members received 7,734,120 from state dental society purchases and 824,346 bonus points from ADA purchases.

Accelerated points can also be earned when members use their credit cards to make ADA Insurance premium payments and when they make purchases from select other ADA Member Advantage endorsed providers. ADA Business Rewards card holders get 5x points and ADA Preferred Rewards card holders get 2x points.

So take a look in your wallet! Don’t leave money on the table by not fully exploring how you could maximize the benefits you receive as an ADA Member dentist with an ADA Visa credit card.