HealthFirst Sharps Management

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About HealthFirst

Sharps Management is the compliant and economical choice for the disposal of your practice’s sharps waste. A typical dental practice can save $1,000-$2,000 annually when compared to traditional pick-up services. The containers provided meet OSHA’s best practices for sharps handling, and the specially packaged mail-back kits are designed so that UPS can pick them up just like a regular package. Plus, you can track and download disposal manifests online through their OnTraQ program.

  • No contracts or commitments to expensive annual obligations
  • Only pay for the products you need
  • On demand shipping means no unscheduled pickups
  • All the containers are OSHA compliant
  • ADA member exclusive savings (10% off MSRP) not found anywhere else

Stuck in an expensive pick-up services contract? Contact a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor to see how much you can save by switching to mail-back once your contract is up.

Valued Voices

The process of switching to HealthFirst was super easy and I’ve already recommended them to other practices. Our Sharps containers are smaller and easier to handle than what we had before and I love that I can ship them back and not deal with pickups.

- Ms. Kacey Howard,
Dental Assistant at Dentistry by the Bay, Petoskey, MI